This brand new winery was founded in 2012. Cooperation of three different wine enthusiasts was a predecessor of this winery, from 2008 under the name Frtúsovci and Kutka.

Rado Frtús - Founder, author of the idea, innovator and wine fanatic.
Stano Ftrús - Enthusiast and detailman. The right person on the right place.
Tomáš Kuťka - Moral and marketing support.

Thanks to this trio, the Frtús winery was founded and I believe that they will help the winery to become a quality mark. And there is also another important person, my mate Lea Kašová. She manages finance. Probably, there would be nothing without her. Overview, wisdom and respect.

Lea Kašová - Manages finances. In fact, without her wouldn´t probably happen anything. Top view, intelekt and respect.

Many thanks sincerely to all of them, Rado Frtús



As the grape has its own identity given by the soil, climate and wine grower, so the wine has its own wine maker – the creator. This brand new winery has its own distinct identity and style in approach to wine. It is respect and honour towards grape, wine and especially towards people, who will drink these wines.

We don’t want to be one of many others, we want to be one of the few wineries and that’s why we are bringing something what will combine elegance, imaginativeness and identity. Something that we are standing for and what is only for those who can appreciate themselves, work of others, and wine drinking is their lifestyle.
Frtus Winery team



Managed wine tastings are offered in our winery premises with a capacity of ca. 12 people or at any venue of your choice. . The wine tasting is managed by people who are the cause that the wine you can taste has been created and how it was created. You will be able to directly evaluate if our work has sense, or it is only our illusion. Besides our wines, you can also taste the traditional food of this region. We consider important to visit many wineries, but after some time, you will start returning only to few of them from some reason..



The region of Tekov – where we are at home actually – meet our ideas of identity and quality. In 2015, we bought 6 hectares of vineyards, but it is necessary to plant the grapes newly. We would like to plant in 2017. However, we are still looking for appropriate locations and soils to cover needs of our customers.


Frtus winery produces original wine for original people who can enjoy every moment of their life. There is a lot of manual work, personal involvement and ambitions in our wines. We approach to them with respect and honour and we strive to keep their character purity.

TerroIr Tekov


Tekov is a region where our winery is located, in particular in the village of Podlužany. Tekov involves territory with unique microclimate and unique geological subsoil that is delimited by the river Hron at the western part. Štiavnické Hills protect this territory from the north and east. Warm air from the Danube Lowlands flows here from the south. The region is situated on Ipelská Highlands, where vineyards strike their roots into a tuff and andesite volcanic rocks.

Furthermore, our winery is a member of “Terroir Tekov” association, established in 2012.



  • Document historical principles of the terroir Tekov based mainly on the soil character, grown grape species, climate specifications and properties of produced wines.
  • Learn, study, characterize and document individual grape species, production methods and wines from the terroir Tekov.
  • Act actively in boosting public awareness of basic principles of the terroir Tekov, grape species grown in the terroir and specific properties of wines produced from them.
  • Active support of general awareness of principles of the terroir Tekov within other regions in Slovakia and abroad.


  • development and enhancement of growing and producing methods
  • environmental protection and improvement within the terroir Tekov
  • improvement of expertise of individual members of association, as well as of the public
  • healthy lifestyle
  • support to agricultural tourism, culture and further education
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