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Frtus brothers

As the grape has its own identity given by the soil, climate and wine grower, so the wine has its own wine maker – the creator. This winery has its own distinct identity and style in approach to wine. It is respect and honour towards grape, wine and especially towards people, who will drink these wines.

We don’t want to be one of many others, we want to be one of the few wineries and that’s why we are bringing something what will combine elegance, imaginativeness and identity. Something that we are standing for and what is only for those who can appreciate themselves, work of others, and wine drinking is their lifestyle.

Frtus brothers



Chystáte večeru a neviete aké víno vybrať, alebo chcete zistiť aké víno sa hodí k jedlu? Ponúkame vám tri spôsoby, ako si jednoducho vyberiete správne víno k jedlu.

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