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Dear friends of good wine.


Original wine for original people – that is not only a marketing slogan. It is a philosophy we professed since we have started the production of out wines with my brother. We only wanted to produce a drink we would be proud of and we could share with our families and friends. Wine is our passion and our hobby. We strive to make it with the best knowledge and belief. We do not want to deceive it with anything that would violate its character. At the end, we would deceive only ourselves.

We are happy with everybody who likes our wine, we especially appreciate if they decide to drink it with us for a long time. Therefore, we decided to establish the Frtus Winery Club where we would like to join friends and offer them their favourite wine. People who enjoy our wine are the original people for us and we will do our best to create a friendly relation to our brand and us as winemakers. Frtus Winery does not want to and will not produce hundred thousands litres of wine for anonymous people. The philosophy is based on a completely different idea.

Our winery is our hobby, we produce wine with love, as good as we can and that is the reason why we want to share it with people who have the same relation to it like we do. We want to accept our club members as our friends, to perceive them as a family and to cement the friendship with mutual benefits, thus to reward them with a beyond standard care. Our aim is to create a community of real friends connected by love to wine where everybody knows each other personally, respect each other and share the same values.

Yours sincerely, Rado Frtús

Rado Frtús

Wine is our passion and our hobby

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